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Defence Lab 

The Defence Lab Program is a Non-Sport, reality based, street self defence system. Most sport based, traditional martial arts programs do little to prepare you for a real world violent confrontation that happens where you least expect it. This is why DefenceLab Programs are instinctual, easy to learn, and addresses the problems you face in today's world.


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Self Defence Birmingham Alabama

Reality demands practical, no nonsense solutions that can be used by you. In DefenceLab, you will learn the truth about what really works & why through reality based scenarios and drills. Learn increased awareness, verbal de-escalation techniques, and conflict psychology as well as hand-to-hand combatives, counter & anti grappling and weapons disarms. Gain real confidence in your ability to take care of yourself and the ones you love when and where it will count.


One of the reasons we have added the DefenceLab programs to our schedule is its ability to teach you how to handle multiple opponents at the same time. It is not uncommon when you have to deal with a conflict on the street that you will have to deal with two or more opponents. The Defence Lab Program is very effective against multiple attackers and in tight places, against a wall, in a tight hallway, sitting at a table. Because of its aggressive and powerful movements, it has become sought-after in the law enforcement field and the personal protection (bodyguard) fields. If it is working for them then you know it will be effective for you.

The DefenceLab program is designed to work for everyone. No matter if your short or tall, small or big, young or old, the information and training will adapt to you. Everyone has the right to protect themselves and their loved ones, so come see what you've been missing! Based on simple principles and instinctive movements, DefenceLab is a modern day reality-based system that is designed to teach practical self defense in a reasonable timeframe


Defence Lab is about what I have always envisaged, “A LAB of investigation”... the scientific study of mental and physical motion. The Lab is a free thinking zone; the Lab has always been, and will continue to be a melting pot of creativity, fuelled by great minds that are stimulated by artistic interactivity. The Lab is a place where new discoveries have been, and will continue to be made; a place where everybody has a sense of belonging

Defence Lab Birmingham Alabama

Not just a simple martial art that you learn, but rather a way of provoking self-analysis
Studying the human, its physical, mental, emotional and spiritual structures, strengths and weaknesses
Constantly provoking questions that stimulate the quest for self- truths
Relentlessly questioning conditioned boundaries
Helping you to challenge & discover... YOU!!
- Andy Norman

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